• Bicycles

    Raise Cambodia is providing bicycles to children attending  a school which may be some distance from their home.
  • Cambodia is a nation of vulnerable children. Many families cannot afford to pay the governernment levies or purchase books and compulsory uniform to send their children to school. You can help these children by contributing to the cost of their education. This will help cover the cost of books and uniform for a child to attend a non-government school which charges no levies to the children, for one year. Part of the money will also be used to help fund English lessons for the children.
  • We provide these to people who are without transport for their families or to be used as a motorbike taxi as a way of generating income.
  • Public health care is rife with problems in Cambodia. Health care centres are often in poor condition, lack medical supplies and are understaffed. Living with a daily income of less than one dollar per day 36% of the population cannot afford medical care. Help fund the cost of the onground costs in Cambodia for a team of dentists. A team of dentists will donate their time and pay for their own travel and accommodation costs to come to Cambodia and run the clinic. Money raised will be used towards hiring of a dental clinic, transportation and supervision of children and translators to the clinic. The last clinic treated nearly 300 children and delivered treatment in excess of $30,000 AUD.
  • $240 will pay a teachers salary for one month in one of the schools that we provide for . These schools exist to provide free education to children in poor areas where their parents cannot afford the costs associated with educating the children . We know by giving them an education that their chances of finding a  job will greatly increase and help to break them out of the poverty cycle
  • Water Bore

    Bores range in depth of 10 - 30 metres.  Often one bore is shared by a few families.  A bore enables them to have clean water for drinking, cooking,  washing and bathing and watering a garden and reduces the incidence of water borne disease.
  • Of the 35,000 families living in the slum areas of Phnom Penh, 40% do not have access to clean drinking water.  They are forced to use water from stagnant, rubbish filled canals or the river. Cambodia has the second lowest life expectancy in South east Asia.  Disease caused by the polluted water can be terminal in the young and the elderly. Your $30 (AUD) will provide a water filter for a family and help to turn this crisis around. Family by family we can make a real difference.
  • If you would like to send us a donation which we can then use where needed then this is where you can do it. Simply fill in the amount you'd like to donate and then add it to your cart. Once you're ready, select Check Out and follow the onscreen prompts to give by credit card. Thank you for your generosity, it's greatly appreciated!
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